Saturday, June 22, 2013

Too Much about Chickens?

It appears Ive turned this blog into nothing more than a Chicken Blog! I really feel like Ive lost any inspiration on writing about anything else. As you have probably noticed, I am trying to not blog about too many personal things.

These days my life consists of chickens, work til 6 pm every day, and due to the hot and humid weather and the fact that I stay outside so much during the work day I'm drained when I get home.
I fix dinner and go to sleep.

I started on a protein shake diet. Replacing two meals (breakfast and lunch) with shakes and having two protein snacks in between. Supper is usually whatever I want but in small amount. (using a breakfast plate rather than a dinner plate) I feel good about all this.

Ive been feeling a lot of pressure on my chest. Not sure if its my breathing in of the hot and humid weather, anxiety or if its another health issue.

You see, I seem to have a pretty boring life these days, thus the lack of/loss of writing inspiration! 

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