Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Unexpected Expenses

Its been a crazy few weeks! Our baby girl had to squeeze in to the dentist last week due to a severe tooth ache. Its an abscess! She was started on antibiotics and scheduled for a root canal but she couldnt wait until  the appointment! We ended up making an emergency trip to the dentist today and they started the root canal. They found good reason for her pain! Now, we will have to make three total trips over the next few weeks to finish this procedure but hopefully after today's procedure she will finally start feeling better. 

In other news, NC keeps bouncing from 70 degree weather to down in the teens! 
Im so ready for spring!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Decor Help Needed

I might be a good 'ol southern girl that loves sweet tea with a twist of lemon but I am NOT good at decorating! I can see things that I like and wish mine looked like that but I cannot seem to recreate what I like or want in my house.

Can you help?

I grew up being raised by a single father who didn't really "decorate" 
Everything in the house was neutral in color and we were NOT allowed to put anything on the walls! (no holes in the walls! )  So here I am all grown up and still am no good a decorating. 

Recently Ive fallen in love with the color red (various shades) and the chevron pattern. 
I painted my wall red awhile ago and recently was on the look out for gray furniture but came across this red set that I loved and bought it! Now, I have too much red! 
Above you can see a quick snapshot of my living room that I took with my cell. 
I have moved a few minor things around since and you cant see the other angles from this shot but I was wondering if anyone out there had any suggestions for me. 
What should I change, add or remove?
I have a few ideas and I'm curious if anyone will have any of the same ideas! 
Id love your suggestions and after I get suggestions I'm willing to make changes and retake photos to share. (even use this on your blog! ) HELP! 

I'm no decorator! Are you?

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

St Patricks Brunch

Today is the day after St Patricks Day and we are home with winter weather falling.
Thats unusual here in the south but I took advantage of this lazy day by making brunch for my girls.  I cute a bell pepper to make these "four leave clover shaped" rings. 
I added them to a hot pan with just a little oil. 
I beat some fresh eggs I collected from the chicken coop and poured in the pepper ring. 
I added salt and pepper and topped it with cheese. Some of the eggs ran out of the bottom but thats ok! I cut around the pepper to make it cute on the plate for my girls. 
We had grits with salt, pepper and butter.
I topped mine off with my favorite hazelnut coffee from the Keurig! 
The girls had chocolate milk. 

Happy St Patricks Day! 

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Post Spring Ice Storm

 Its hard to look out our window today and know that we had a winter ice storm two days ago (if you were judging by the weather) Its 70 degrees today!
 There is a lot of damage left behind! For two days we heard sounds like gun shots but it was the pine trees snapping in two.
 The ice is always so beautiful, it looks as if we were living in a glass house/world.
This is a good example of why you cant judge by looks alone because ice is damaging to our trees, homes, power lines etc...
 Our inlaws live next door and they have a generator! When our electricity went out we stayed home until is started getting cold. (My husband was working as most cops have to do when there is bad weather conditions)
 Finally the girls and I walked next door with books in hand. The tree below fell right where we had walked just minutes before.
 We stayed there for two days and eventually took our dogs over since our house was getting pretty cold! There was 6 people and 5 dogs in her house!
 It warmed up yesterday and neighbors came over to help get a tree of the inlaws house! 
The dogs got to play outside, and while it was warm outside we continued to hear trees popping in half through the woods! They are weak from the weight they have had over the past few days.
Last night we set our clocks forward for spring daylight savings. 
Hopefully winter is over now because we are all ready for spring! 
Today as my washing machine, dryer, and dishwasher are running; the chickens are free ranging and doggie treats are cooking in the oven, I also hear frogs which is a good sign! 

Welcome Spring! 
Goodbye Winter!

Saturday, March 8, 2014

spring ice storm

Tonight we spring our clocks forward. We should be seeing daffodils and butterflies but instead we have been slammed with an  ice storm. We have  had no electricity since yesterday morning.  Trees falling sound like gun shots all around us! I really want spring weather!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

When Did it Change?

My birthday is coming up and I always think back to elementary school. In the brick building heated with coal there was a large bulletin board in the cafeteria. Every month the bulletin board was filled with seasonal decorations with the names of all the children who were celebrating birthdays that month. Of course every March it was filled with shamrocks and it was always fun to find your name on your birthday and pull it off the board to give it to the cafeteria lady in exchange for a cupcake!

Like everyone else birthdays became a celebration of "me"  time to think about my life, and time to think about what I want as a gift for "me"  There was a time when I wanted clothes, perfume, and pedicures. These days my list seems to consist of .....

  • A set of steak knives
  • Painted walls in the future laundry room.
  • Tiled floors in the bathroom
  • Pressure washing of the house
  • and the ultimate request.... bring my son home. I want my children together with me.

When did my birthday list change? Its no longer about "me" but about my family and my home.

Does this mean I'm getting old? Or does it simply mean Ive grown up?

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Christmas in March (with Nascar)

 For Christmas I gave my husband a certificate to ride around the Charlotte Motor Speedway in a Nascar.(thanks to Groupon!) I got a very good deal and I knew he would love it!  My Artist daughter wanted to do this with her Daddy and she paid her own way.  So, yesterday we got up at 5:30 am and drive to Charlotte, NC for this exciting event.
 They got to ride 5 laps side by side at 165 mph around the track.
She was number 1 and he was number 2
 They enjoyed it! It was money well spent and the memories will last a lifetime!