Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Decor Help Needed

I might be a good 'ol southern girl that loves sweet tea with a twist of lemon but I am NOT good at decorating! I can see things that I like and wish mine looked like that but I cannot seem to recreate what I like or want in my house.

Can you help?

I grew up being raised by a single father who didn't really "decorate" 
Everything in the house was neutral in color and we were NOT allowed to put anything on the walls! (no holes in the walls! )  So here I am all grown up and still am no good a decorating. 

Recently Ive fallen in love with the color red (various shades) and the chevron pattern. 
I painted my wall red awhile ago and recently was on the look out for gray furniture but came across this red set that I loved and bought it! Now, I have too much red! 
Above you can see a quick snapshot of my living room that I took with my cell. 
I have moved a few minor things around since and you cant see the other angles from this shot but I was wondering if anyone out there had any suggestions for me. 
What should I change, add or remove?
I have a few ideas and I'm curious if anyone will have any of the same ideas! 
Id love your suggestions and after I get suggestions I'm willing to make changes and retake photos to share. (even use this on your blog! ) HELP! 

I'm no decorator! Are you?

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