Sunday, March 9, 2014

Post Spring Ice Storm

 Its hard to look out our window today and know that we had a winter ice storm two days ago (if you were judging by the weather) Its 70 degrees today!
 There is a lot of damage left behind! For two days we heard sounds like gun shots but it was the pine trees snapping in two.
 The ice is always so beautiful, it looks as if we were living in a glass house/world.
This is a good example of why you cant judge by looks alone because ice is damaging to our trees, homes, power lines etc...
 Our inlaws live next door and they have a generator! When our electricity went out we stayed home until is started getting cold. (My husband was working as most cops have to do when there is bad weather conditions)
 Finally the girls and I walked next door with books in hand. The tree below fell right where we had walked just minutes before.
 We stayed there for two days and eventually took our dogs over since our house was getting pretty cold! There was 6 people and 5 dogs in her house!
 It warmed up yesterday and neighbors came over to help get a tree of the inlaws house! 
The dogs got to play outside, and while it was warm outside we continued to hear trees popping in half through the woods! They are weak from the weight they have had over the past few days.
Last night we set our clocks forward for spring daylight savings. 
Hopefully winter is over now because we are all ready for spring! 
Today as my washing machine, dryer, and dishwasher are running; the chickens are free ranging and doggie treats are cooking in the oven, I also hear frogs which is a good sign! 

Welcome Spring! 
Goodbye Winter!

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