Saturday, July 27, 2013

I love my babies

I love my babies (even though they are no longer babies)
I love that Ive gained another girl! (daughter-in-law)
I miss the times that we are able to be together as a family.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Where has the time gone?

I really dont think Ive ever taken being a mommy for granted. I have always wanted to be a mother of four and fell madly in love with each baby I birthed. I am a person who loved seeing the messy hand prints on the windows. I loved every sloppy kiss, every  home made card, and each puddle in the bathroom left from splashing children.  I always told myself I knew Id miss it one day so I tried hard to enjoy every moment.

Of course I had my moments of frustration when they got older and started to fight with each other. The teenage years were no pic nic but I loved watching each of them grow and develop into beautiful people.

Now my oldest is married, hes a Marine and I rarely see or hear from him. Hes busy training most of the time. My heart physically aches when I miss him so.

My oldest daughter moved away but moved back home after a semester of college. I was happy to have her home but we rarely see her. She is supposed to live her but I think only her belongings live here. (LOL) We do work at the same place, and if it weren't for that, I wouldn't see her often at all.

As I watch the calendar I am counting down the days until my middle daughter begins her senior year of high school. My heart aches again when i think of how little I will see her in the near future. Im so proud of her though. She works and isnt afraid to be her own person. She makes very adult decisions and is working hard at getting to her goal of  going to college.

My baby girl is growing so fast too. Very often these days its just she and I around the house and I love seeing her pretty face and how shes growing up and turning into a young woman. She loves to talk and I love to listen. I dont want to take this time with her for granted for it will be gone in the blink of an eye.

I miss the days that they were babies. I miss taking photos of their every move. I miss setting them up and taking photos of them for Christmas cards. (one year I dressed Baby girl as Baby Jesus, My son as Joseph and my oldest girl as Mary and the middle daughter was an angel)

I know Ill always be a mother but I miss the "mommy" days. I miss time spent together as a family.
Where has the time gone?

Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Ive known for some time that I am a person who must have a goal to work towards. If i dont, I feel useless. Of course like most of us I get busy with life and forget these things. I took a few days off work and have been trying to rest mentally and get myself back on track with a goal or two to work towards. 

I need to spend less time online on the weekends, be better at cooking dinner and cleaning the house, be consistent when it comes to my weight loss plan, and remember to pray about all things especially my job. I have been in this job for less than a year and when I took it I felt certain God had placed me there. Now, I wonder WHY? Sometimes we are placed in a place for a short time and other times we are placed there forever. I just dont know Gods plan for me right now and Im very frustrated at the changes and expectations for me there.  All I can do is pray, "Lord, show me the way" 

Now that I know what I must work on, Ill work towards setting a realistic goal in each area. 

What are your goals?

Sunday, July 21, 2013

A "Time Out"

     This weekend has been a nice break. Nothing fabulous but a break from the pressures of life around me. My husband has been out of town for a week. After 23 years of marriage I am used to the times he must spend away. The heat has been unbearable and I spend more time outside on my job than I ever have before and its hard to make it through the day. I would come home hot, sweaty and exhausted. I didnt feel like cooking over a hot stove. We ate sandwiches a lot and I went to bed early. Friday the husband came home and we just laid on the couch watching TV. Saturday he deemed an "internet free" day.  So, we cleaned, talked, watched a little TV and found little pieces of history that were tucked away in junk drawers. 

 She didnt want her face showing in the picture but she did have fun checking out my old cassette walkman. (which I still love!)
 At the end of the day we went out for dinner (which is a rare thing for us) 
We ate good country cooking from Cracker Barrel and then took a little stop off at a store for one of the girls. (more on that later)

It just seemed like a good break away from life. 
I am thankful for the next few days off. We arent getting a vacation this year which is sad but I am thankful to have time with my children.  (some of them)

I have a lot on my mind and heart lately and sometimes I feel helpless. 
Sometimes I wonder why God places desires within me and yet Im not in a position to use those talents, thoughts and desires. Im sure I will in His timing but its so hard to be patient and wait.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

I didnt see the difference til now

 I didnt think my hair looked all that different until I looked at these photos taken a few days apart. Now if only I could style my hair like my hair stylist does.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Down Time

 Ive been pretty stressed lately during the week so the weekends I try and have some down time. 
This weekend I got a new hair style/cut.
 I also spent time with my girls at the pool being silly.
 I got sunburned when I fell asleep out there.
My baby girl's new IPod got dropped in the pool. Its in a bag of rice right now, thankful we got a warranty on it!!!!