Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Ive known for some time that I am a person who must have a goal to work towards. If i dont, I feel useless. Of course like most of us I get busy with life and forget these things. I took a few days off work and have been trying to rest mentally and get myself back on track with a goal or two to work towards. 

I need to spend less time online on the weekends, be better at cooking dinner and cleaning the house, be consistent when it comes to my weight loss plan, and remember to pray about all things especially my job. I have been in this job for less than a year and when I took it I felt certain God had placed me there. Now, I wonder WHY? Sometimes we are placed in a place for a short time and other times we are placed there forever. I just dont know Gods plan for me right now and Im very frustrated at the changes and expectations for me there.  All I can do is pray, "Lord, show me the way" 

Now that I know what I must work on, Ill work towards setting a realistic goal in each area. 

What are your goals?

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