Saturday, April 19, 2014

Our Family Has Grown!

Meet Kyle, my step son. He's 27 and lives in another state. 
I wont be sharing tons of details but what I will say is, we are so happy to be getting to know him. I have always known about him but he wasnt in our life. My husband decided to look for him after many years and we found him. We cant wait to meet face to face. 
My husband has two sons and three daughters! 
I have a step son that I couldn't be any more proud of if he were my own. He is smart and handsome like his Pops. We hope it wont be too long before he gets to come to NC to visit us. 

In other family news.... 
  • we are preparing for prom. 
  • we are preparing for 8th grad graduation of our baby girl. 
  • we are preparing for high school graduation. 
  • we are anxiously awaiting the return of our Marine.  *His return keeps getting extended.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Spring Lists and Embracing Life

Spring is here! I'm loving the warmer weather and I'm making a lot of lists for spring cleaning. 
The chickens love the warm weather. Ive removed the plastic from their window so they can enjoy the lovely spring breeze. 

Baby Girl will get the second half of her root canal over Spring Break. At the same time, we are preparing for our Future Doctor's senior prom! Its an exciting time! Our Marine will return in a few weeks and then it will be time for my third child's graduation. 

So many things are happening, awesome things! Sometimes it just leaves my head spinning that we have so much happening but its all good. 

I'm excited to have a spring break of my own and my list is growing! Lots of cleaning and decor changes. 

Ive started watching the series "Parenthood" and it makes me contemplate so much about life.
Life has a way of changing  us, humbling us and making us see the world in a new light. 
This happens so much on a daily basis in these recent years of my life. Its amazing.

For the first time in while I feel I'm embracing life in a new way and I'm content with life and everything around me.