Friday, April 29, 2016

A Mothers Love doesn't discriminate

 Remember that cute little yellow Duckling? Here it is! I had no idea Ducks grow so fast! 
I purchased a duck and 6 chicks at the same time. We laughed at the fact that Dexter would grow up thinking he/she is a chicken.  We also didn't know if Dexter was a boy or a girl and still don't. I'm inclined to believe its a female as Dexter has strong maternal instincts. Dexter thinks these chicks are her babies.  Above you will see that I took Dexter out of the run for a swim in the kiddie pool. She just jumped out and waddled over to the run trying to get close to those babies and didn't like that they were inside and she is outside.
 I later purchased two more ducklings. One is with these chicks that you see in the run. The other is inside the coop with the two Polish Top Hat chicks. The black duck (Batman) has a deformed leg due to a vitamin deficiency and has a difficult time walking around. For now Ill keep it with the little ones.

Its quite the job taking care of all these animals these days.  Every morning I have to let the hens out to free range, let the chicks and two ducks into the run, make sure they all have plenty of water (since ducks drink about a gallon a day) and I move the Top hats fromthe tiny brooder in the coop to the larger brooder in the coop with Batman. I make sure they all have food and water and then go on to work. In the afternoons I come home and let the ducks swim and before dark I have to move all the chickens back to their original places. It will be nice when they can all be together! 

Some days I love these creatures with all I have in me and other days, I want to get rid of all the animals and my belongings and just be alone! I guess that's life! 

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Make Someone's Day

My 20 year old daughter is in Cosmetology school. 
Thursday night I was talking about how damaged my hair is from the flat iron and hair dryer. Not to mention the fact that my hair is falling out from rapid weight loss (which doesn't feel very rapid... given the fact that Ive not lost any weight in the last month and actually gained 2lbs) I asked if she could trim it up a bit. She did and it feels and looks so much healthier! 
It may not look different to most people but I decided to stop the teasing and stop using heat as much as possible on it. So its more natural and I feel like its very different. (the picture doesn't show it but I have colored it violet... it has a reddish-purplish tint to it... and that had nothing to do with Prince! I dyed it a few weeks ago) 

So Friday morning I ran into the grocery store before work to purchase some protein shakes for the day. The cashier said, "Your hair looks fabulous! I noticed you as you walked in the door on the other side of the store!"  That just made my day! 
I snapped the above photo when I got to my car. 

Take the time to compliment people! 
Make someone's day! 
If you notice something about them that you like..... tell them! 

Sunday, April 24, 2016


I have always loved Prince! I was 14 in this picture and Im sure you can tell I was a HUGE Prince fan. I still love his music and cannot believe he is gone. Even in recent years Ive listened to my Prince CD and always will. He was an amazing musician and will forever be one of the best. 

One thing I love about him is he wasnt plastered all over tabloids for crazy sex scandals, drugs or anything like that. He was quiet and didnt have to claim to be one of the best....  we all knew it.

Its a sad day....

Sunday, April 17, 2016

5 K Color Run

 One of my goals this year was to run a 5k (and run the entire thing) I didnt meet that goal but I did run about half the time. I signed up with a friend and we only had like three weeks to prepare, so I think we did pretty good.
 My family went to cheer me on, even though they could only see me start the race and finish it. All throughout the race we were sprayed with colorful powder and were covered by the end.
 I was not exhausted at the end which a big victory for me! We alternated running and walking. It was fun, and we will continue to train and sign up for another 5k in the future in hopes to eventually be able to run an entire 5k.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Goals and Struggles

I am 5 months post op.  

My hair is falling out. This is common when you lose weight rapidly. I mostly notice the hair falling out when Im in the shower. I hope this is going to stop soon. I take Biotin daily to help with hair regrowth.  

I still struggle with vitamin intake. I hate the taste of chewables and I cannot take large pills. I will keep searching until I find the right one for me. 

I have been working on the Couch to 5K program. I am no runner! But Ive been working hard at running/walking and building up my stamina. Saturday I will be in a Color Run with a friend. I know I wont run the whole thing but I hope to run more than I walk! 

I also do Refit (like Zumba) once a week. Exercise is something NEW to me. Ive never liked it much but its growing on me. 

I struggle to get enough calories in.... my goal is 1,000 calories a day. Today was the first day that I got in 1,000 calories. 

I have 25 more lbs to lose. Im in another stall. Stalls are frustrating but it happens and most times your body is changing in other ways when it isnt losing pounds. 

I am more confident now, I dont feel fat anymore but I need to meet my goal to lose a total of 89 lbs. 

I wanted to blog about more than weight loss but my life has been so crazy and work is so busy I havnt had the energy to blog about anything else.

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Monthly Update......

 I have lost 63 lbs!  I work hard at getting the fluids in but dont always meet my goal. Its a struggle to get close to 1000 calories a day but when I do, I lose more!
 In two weeks I am going to run (or run/walk) a Color Run 5K with a friend. Ive been doing the Couch to 5K and have quickly learned I am no runner!  Especially since I have asthma and its allergy season!
Still doing Refit (like Zumba) 1-2 days a week and Couch to 5K the other days.  Feeling great about the changes! I want to lose about 25 more lbs!

The struggle is real.....  you tend to trade one issue (weight) for another (loose skin and saggy boobs)

If only I had the money for a tummy tuck and a lift!