Sunday, April 3, 2016

Monthly Update......

 I have lost 63 lbs!  I work hard at getting the fluids in but dont always meet my goal. Its a struggle to get close to 1000 calories a day but when I do, I lose more!
 In two weeks I am going to run (or run/walk) a Color Run 5K with a friend. Ive been doing the Couch to 5K and have quickly learned I am no runner!  Especially since I have asthma and its allergy season!
Still doing Refit (like Zumba) 1-2 days a week and Couch to 5K the other days.  Feeling great about the changes! I want to lose about 25 more lbs!

The struggle is real.....  you tend to trade one issue (weight) for another (loose skin and saggy boobs)

If only I had the money for a tummy tuck and a lift!

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