Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Make Someone's Day

My 20 year old daughter is in Cosmetology school. 
Thursday night I was talking about how damaged my hair is from the flat iron and hair dryer. Not to mention the fact that my hair is falling out from rapid weight loss (which doesn't feel very rapid... given the fact that Ive not lost any weight in the last month and actually gained 2lbs) I asked if she could trim it up a bit. She did and it feels and looks so much healthier! 
It may not look different to most people but I decided to stop the teasing and stop using heat as much as possible on it. So its more natural and I feel like its very different. (the picture doesn't show it but I have colored it violet... it has a reddish-purplish tint to it... and that had nothing to do with Prince! I dyed it a few weeks ago) 

So Friday morning I ran into the grocery store before work to purchase some protein shakes for the day. The cashier said, "Your hair looks fabulous! I noticed you as you walked in the door on the other side of the store!"  That just made my day! 
I snapped the above photo when I got to my car. 

Take the time to compliment people! 
Make someone's day! 
If you notice something about them that you like..... tell them! 

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