Wednesday, April 29, 2015


Today I had my consultation with the Bariatric Surgeon. I was excited until the moment I left work and drove towards the doctor's office, then I got nervous. (butterflies and all!) I arrived and walked towards the entrance of the office and saw someone I knew.  (The office is located at an Orthopaedic Office) I, then, felt embarrassed. She asked if I was hurt and was that why I was there. I just said no, I'm fine and went on about my way. LOTS OF EMOTIONS!

No sooner than I sat in the waiting room I was called to the back. I was weighed (heavy sigh)  height measured, and blood pressure taken. I was explained all the hoops I have to jump through.... such as talking to a Nutritionist, a Psychologist, having a sleep study, and meeting with a doctor who will monitor my weight and help guide me to a healthier eating habit and style of living.

My Surgeon was amazing! He was friendly and talkative. He wanted to know why I wanted this procedure and he talked to me about the side effects and ways it will change my life. Today was also my first appointment for weight monitoring so I have five months to get all tests completed and submitted to my insurance company before surgery is scheduled.

My husband went with me today. He is nervous about me going through surgery, so he had questions. We talked to our children about the surgery and then I decided it was time to tell the first person (outside of this house) and I called my dad.

He thinks it is a big decision but is fully supportive of it.

Im on my way to thinner, happier, healthier ME!!!!

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Why I Don't Want Lapband Surgury for Weight Loss

I am no doctor and I do not know everything about weight loss surgeries. If you need information about these procedures, consult a specialist! I am, however, sharing what I have learned from my research (and may or may not be right about everything I say. I hope what what I'm sharing is correct but keep in mind, I'm no doctor) I have gathered my information from various medical websites online.

When I first thought about weight loss surgery, I was interested in the Lapband. Mostly because I might not need to lose as much weight as many do and because it seemed less invasive and shorter recovery time. (I have since decided against Lapband) 

What is Lapband?
A port is affixed under your skin in the abdomen for easy access. Then, a band filled with a saline solution is placed around the upper part of the stomach. Doctors gain access tthrough the port to add or reduce the amount of saline in the band.  The idea is to lessen the amount of food that can be taken in and to create a feeling of fullness. Recovery time is about 2 weeks for full recover and may be done as an outpatient service or needing only up to a 24 hour stay at a medical facility.

Some disadvantages are that weight loss takes longer, there is a foreign object/medical device placed inside your body, the port can leak and need minor surgery and the band can slip. I know two people who have gotten Lapband surgery and one nearly died when his slipped and rubbed a hole in the stomach causing infection etc...  The other person lost some weight and couldn't lose anymore, That person ended up having the gastric Bypass later.

This may be the right decision for some but I don't think Lapband is for me. Id rather not have a foreign device inside me and face the possibility of erosion or slipping. I also want faster and permanent results.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Setting Monthly Goals

Over the next six months I will be making months goals for myself such as......
drink less soda and then drink no soda, drink more water, reduce sugar intake, stop consuming sugar, and exercise daily. Even though my first appointment with the Bariatric Specialist isn't until Wednesday, I intend to begin my first goal of drinking less soda, on Monday. I don't consume as much as I used to but I still consume soda and that has to stop!

Ill soon be taking my "Before" photo

In the past Ive taken so many before photos only to not lose weight and feel horrible about myself later.

 Last year I completed the Dirty Girl Mud Run.

 It was difficult but I did it. I had this grand plan to lose weight and be able to run the entire thing this year....... guess what? Not happening! Ive gained weight and don't think Id even be able to complete the run this year. NEXT YEAR, I WILL FINISH IT AND HOPEFULLY ILL RUN THE ENTIRE THING !  (I have learned that I appear much skinnier when a photo is taken from the front, like the one above)

Y'all don't know how hard it is to publicly post these photos of me but I'm doing it because I know I'm on the road to a thinner and healthier me.

On Monday April 27th (the day that this will post)  I will begin working on my goal to drink less soda (cut back to one a week) and consume more water.

And so my journey begins!!!!!!!!

Friday, April 24, 2015

Spring Formal

 My a baby girl attended her first formal (and with a boyfriend!)
 Her older sister, went to the same formal with her boyfriend.

I am so proud of my daughters! They are beautiful and smart. I took about 150 pictures that night and while I was not feeling good about myself (and my weight) I stepped in front of the camera for a photo with my girls.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Queen of Delete

I know Im not the only one who hates to see photos of herself. I am the queen of delete. I searched through all my photos for "fat pictures" and these are the only ones i found. (I tend to keep the close up face photos)
 I will be taking my "fat pictures" but it may be awhile before I feel comfortable enough to post them.Until then..... these are the ones I have.... they were taken in 2012.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

My Journey Begins

 My History

For several years I have been interested in weight loss surgery. Ive been overweight for many years, many in my family are overweight and this comes with health problems. I have tried Weight Watchers, Myfitnesspal , smoothies and other various ways to lose weight and I never lose more than 10-12lbs. I am at my all time weight high and feel awful about myself. I am very self conscience and hate photos of myself. Like most over weight women, I attempt to find clothes to "cover up" the fat.  One year ago as I was driving to work I listened to a local radio personality, Erica, discuss her journey she was beginning with weight loss surgery. I have listened and watched her as I thought in the back of my mind that I would "one day" like to undergo surgery for weight loss. A few months ago I hit a point in which I was unhappy with what I looked like and how I felt and realized I need to stop putting it off. 

I started my journey by researching various kinds of surgery. I only knew of two kinds. (Gastric Bypass and Lapband) but while listening to Erica, I learned about the Gastric Sleeve. 

The Beginning of My Journey

My journey began when I decided that I NEED to do this. I looked up the requirements on my insurance and discovered what doctors were in network. Then, I looked up those doctors online and did a little research on their website. I learned that I had to attend an informational session that taught about the different types of weight loss surgery and what I needed to talk to my insurance company about. I was happy to learn that I could attend the session online (they also offer one in person but the online session was better for me) Once I completed that session I had to type in a code that I was given and I was emailed a certificate of completion. The following day I called my insurance company with specific questions. Within a few days the surgeon's office called me to let me know that they would be verifying my insurance benefits and once that was confirmed they could schedule my first appointment. In the mean time I continued to research the various types of surgery and learn about the benefits and the disadvantages/complications of each type of surgery. One week later the surgeons office called me and said my benefits were verified and they scheduled my first appointment with them. (Which is in 1 1/2 weeks) 

How Am I Feeling?

I am anxious. I wish I could schedule surgery and just do it right away but this is a process. My insurance company requires six months of medical weight documentation. During the six months I will attempt (once again) to lose weight with diet and exercise with the guidance of a medical doctor. Of course Ill learn more about the process at my first appointment. 

I am excited. I am happy to begin this journey that I have thought about for years now. I am reading and watching others on their journey and talking to friends that have gone through the process.
I am guarded. I know that many look at others who have gone through weight loss surgery and say "They took the easy way" or " they are too lazy to do it the right way"  I know how it is viewed by many so I'm not talking to many about this journey just yet. Of course I talk to my husband and my children. I talk to one coworker who has had weight loss surgery. As I get further in to this journey I will tell more people. I do intend to blog about the journey from now until a long time afterwards. 

  I will share my thoughts and feelings about this along the way. I will share what I learn from reading and talking to professionals but I am no doctor so please do NOT read what I write and mistake it for medical information. If you have questions about weight loss surgery, see a professional.If you have questions about my personal experience, please email me!