Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Why I Don't Want Lapband Surgury for Weight Loss

I am no doctor and I do not know everything about weight loss surgeries. If you need information about these procedures, consult a specialist! I am, however, sharing what I have learned from my research (and may or may not be right about everything I say. I hope what what I'm sharing is correct but keep in mind, I'm no doctor) I have gathered my information from various medical websites online.

When I first thought about weight loss surgery, I was interested in the Lapband. Mostly because I might not need to lose as much weight as many do and because it seemed less invasive and shorter recovery time. (I have since decided against Lapband) 

What is Lapband?
A port is affixed under your skin in the abdomen for easy access. Then, a band filled with a saline solution is placed around the upper part of the stomach. Doctors gain access tthrough the port to add or reduce the amount of saline in the band.  The idea is to lessen the amount of food that can be taken in and to create a feeling of fullness. Recovery time is about 2 weeks for full recover and may be done as an outpatient service or needing only up to a 24 hour stay at a medical facility.

Some disadvantages are that weight loss takes longer, there is a foreign object/medical device placed inside your body, the port can leak and need minor surgery and the band can slip. I know two people who have gotten Lapband surgery and one nearly died when his slipped and rubbed a hole in the stomach causing infection etc...  The other person lost some weight and couldn't lose anymore, That person ended up having the gastric Bypass later.

This may be the right decision for some but I don't think Lapband is for me. Id rather not have a foreign device inside me and face the possibility of erosion or slipping. I also want faster and permanent results.

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