Sunday, July 26, 2015

4 of 5 (update on Gastric Sleeve Process)

I am 9lbs down and getting closer to my BIG DAY!

I met with my surgeon Monday and he is pushing more for me to start exercising so that's going to happen real soon! Ill be going on vacation soon but as soon as return I will be hitting the new eating plan hard!

I had a second visit with the Psychiatrist and while she wants to follow up with me in a few weeks, she did send my clearance letter! Whoop Whoop!

All I need to do now is complete a second sleep study/Titration and get set up with a cpap and complete two more visits (August and September) That's when they send for approval from insurance. Once approval comes, Ill meet with the surgeon for pre op, meet with finance dept and schedule surgery. Surgery will be after a two week liquid diet (to shrink the liver) That is the part I dread the MOST!!!!

Thursday, July 23, 2015

DIY: Coffee Table

 Im a show off on the DIY Show Off!!! 
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So I went through this "red" phase. I bought everything I saw for the living room that was red! I ended up with too much red. Now, Im redoing the living room, which is HUGE for me because I suck at decorating! Below you will see the coffee table that I, once upon a time, fell in love with. I decided to break up the red,so here's what I did.

Step 1
Sand the coffee table. 

Step 2 
Use fingers to apply thin layers of Vasoline to the areas you do not want paint to stick to.

Step 3
Start Painting! In my case, I painted only the top.

 Step 4
After the paint is dry, use a wet rag to wipe the table down and remove the paint that is over the Vasoline. Check it out! I love the way it looks!
What I learned.....

Make sure you apply a THIN layer of Vasoline. I used too much and after 6 days I still find spots that need to be wiped down.  

When I finish the livingroom, Ill post photos! 

Sunday, July 12, 2015

My weekend- new chickens and redecorating

 A week ago I purchased five chicks to add to our flock (since we were down to only five laying hens) Then, I found out some friends were moving and needed a home for their laying hens. So this weekend I adopted five hens (that are already laying)
 When I added the new hens to the flock.... I let the new ones explore the run alone while the others free ranged in the yard and checked the new ladies out from the other side of the fence. At night, I opened the coop so they could all be inside together. Again, the new ones stayed in the coop/run alone today while the others free ranged. Later, I let them all back in the coop. Three of my hens decided it was time to lay their eggs at the same time in their favorite box. These silly girls!
 I tried to move two but they only hopped back in there. Later I returned to find three eggs in the box.
I have three Buff Orphington hens now. They are a much larger breed but so pretty! I just love them already!

Im also excited about changing the living room around. We are finally getting rid of the red wall! Cant wait to finish the living room and share photos later!

Saturday, July 11, 2015

On again Off again

I got off track with my eating and protein intake. Determined to get back on track this week ! 

I took my before photos but just dont feel comfortable enough to share them right now. 

Finally got a call back to schedule my cpap Titration! 

Next week I have my 4th visit with the surgeon. 

Vacation is coming up and I always get nervous around rollar coasters for fear I wont fit in their seats! I always have but how humiliating would it be to not fit and have to get off?! 

Cant wait to get healthy, lose weight, feel better about myself for one and not be so self conscience! 

In other news...... 

I adopted 5 laying hens and 5 baby chicks and have a grand total of 15 chickens in my flock now! 
Love my chickens! 

We are painting the living room and making some changes in decorating (that always makes me feel better!) I just have anxiety about the time frame Ive put on myself to get it all done before we have a family visitor and before vacation. 

Ill be sharing some photos very soon!