Saturday, July 11, 2015

On again Off again

I got off track with my eating and protein intake. Determined to get back on track this week ! 

I took my before photos but just dont feel comfortable enough to share them right now. 

Finally got a call back to schedule my cpap Titration! 

Next week I have my 4th visit with the surgeon. 

Vacation is coming up and I always get nervous around rollar coasters for fear I wont fit in their seats! I always have but how humiliating would it be to not fit and have to get off?! 

Cant wait to get healthy, lose weight, feel better about myself for one and not be so self conscience! 

In other news...... 

I adopted 5 laying hens and 5 baby chicks and have a grand total of 15 chickens in my flock now! 
Love my chickens! 

We are painting the living room and making some changes in decorating (that always makes me feel better!) I just have anxiety about the time frame Ive put on myself to get it all done before we have a family visitor and before vacation. 

Ill be sharing some photos very soon! 

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