Sunday, July 12, 2015

My weekend- new chickens and redecorating

 A week ago I purchased five chicks to add to our flock (since we were down to only five laying hens) Then, I found out some friends were moving and needed a home for their laying hens. So this weekend I adopted five hens (that are already laying)
 When I added the new hens to the flock.... I let the new ones explore the run alone while the others free ranged in the yard and checked the new ladies out from the other side of the fence. At night, I opened the coop so they could all be inside together. Again, the new ones stayed in the coop/run alone today while the others free ranged. Later, I let them all back in the coop. Three of my hens decided it was time to lay their eggs at the same time in their favorite box. These silly girls!
 I tried to move two but they only hopped back in there. Later I returned to find three eggs in the box.
I have three Buff Orphington hens now. They are a much larger breed but so pretty! I just love them already!

Im also excited about changing the living room around. We are finally getting rid of the red wall! Cant wait to finish the living room and share photos later!

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