Tuesday, March 18, 2014

St Patricks Brunch

Today is the day after St Patricks Day and we are home with winter weather falling.
Thats unusual here in the south but I took advantage of this lazy day by making brunch for my girls.  I cute a bell pepper to make these "four leave clover shaped" rings. 
I added them to a hot pan with just a little oil. 
I beat some fresh eggs I collected from the chicken coop and poured in the pepper ring. 
I added salt and pepper and topped it with cheese. Some of the eggs ran out of the bottom but thats ok! I cut around the pepper to make it cute on the plate for my girls. 
We had grits with salt, pepper and butter.
I topped mine off with my favorite hazelnut coffee from the Keurig! 
The girls had chocolate milk. 

Happy St Patricks Day! 

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