Wednesday, March 5, 2014

When Did it Change?

My birthday is coming up and I always think back to elementary school. In the brick building heated with coal there was a large bulletin board in the cafeteria. Every month the bulletin board was filled with seasonal decorations with the names of all the children who were celebrating birthdays that month. Of course every March it was filled with shamrocks and it was always fun to find your name on your birthday and pull it off the board to give it to the cafeteria lady in exchange for a cupcake!

Like everyone else birthdays became a celebration of "me"  time to think about my life, and time to think about what I want as a gift for "me"  There was a time when I wanted clothes, perfume, and pedicures. These days my list seems to consist of .....

  • A set of steak knives
  • Painted walls in the future laundry room.
  • Tiled floors in the bathroom
  • Pressure washing of the house
  • and the ultimate request.... bring my son home. I want my children together with me.

When did my birthday list change? Its no longer about "me" but about my family and my home.

Does this mean I'm getting old? Or does it simply mean Ive grown up?

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