Friday, June 14, 2013

New Home for the Chicks

 The space under the nesting boxes was wasted space. My husband was getting tired of having chicks in the bathroom :) and closed in this space for the chicks.
 The older chicks were being tormented by the hens so we have put them in the new brooder with the smaller chicks. They seem to all enjoy their own space, and the heat lamp is still in this brooder (outside in the coop)
 They dont have to fight for feed anymore (the hens seem to love their chick feed better than their own) I placed a new water drinker (thingy) in the run which I added their favorite, apple cider vinegar to. This makes them drink more and stay hydrated during hot days. It also has antibiotic properties and is a natural wormer.
Is it terrible that I have about as many photos of my chickens as I do my children?
The thing about moving the chicks outside it the smell we were noticing did not leave the bathroom. We have a dead creature somewhere under the house. We have looked in the crawl space, behind the siding and insulation etc... and have now realized whatever it is has died between the shower/tub and the flooring which is next to impossible to get to. Unless we tear out the tub/shower walls.  UGHHHH

Im very tired and worn these days. We work long hours and never have enough money. 
Its a stretch just to buy a few clothing items for my daughter and Im so tired of it! 
Ever have that feeling? 

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