Thursday, June 20, 2013

Broody Hens and Curtains

 My hens have curtains! They like small  and often dark spaces to lay their eggs. I used an old dust ruffle from my baby girls bedroom to create these curtains. Behind them are nesting boxes. (not the ones they tend to use) but never the less.... I think its cute!
The above hen (Big Red) has turned broody. The nesting box they all lay in (and take turns to lay in) is on the far end of the coop. I'm unable to put curtains over that box. Big Red has decided to brood. This means her body is telling her its time to hatch eggs. (only we don't have a Rooster so theres no chance of chicks) When they brood, they don't lay eggs. They sit and take up all the time on the nest. They also pluck their chest feathers out and put them around any eggs they have to cushion them. Their bare skin also keeps eggs and chicks warmer than it would with the feathers. 

At first I was leaving her alone to brood but have since read that we shouldn't allow her to brood since its contagious and they stop laying eggs while sitting on the nest! So, I removed the straw from the nesting box to deter her from sitting there. I also put ice packs in the nest. If she does sit (and she did) the ice will help cool their body down. I guess its a chemical thing. 

Ive noticed another hen sitting alot and I think she is brooding now. 
I really wish the neighbors dog hadn't eaten Edgar, Id let them hatch babies if we had fertilized eggs. Never a dull moment with chickens.

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