Sunday, June 30, 2013

This weekend....

So far this weekend....

  • I cleaned and rearranged the livingroom.
  • Cleaned the chicken coop.
  • My oldest daughter and I did a minor surgery on a rooster and discovered something sad.
  • Found two of my rescued roosters a new home.
  • Got to spend a little time with my Marine son and his friend (also in the Marines) 
  • Bought some dishes from a Yard Sale Page on Facebook that matches my other dishes.
  • Spent time at the pool with my kids.
  • Got groceries and enough stuff to get back on my protein shakes diet.
  • Suffered from awful headaches and breathing issues :( (considering going to the doctor soon)
  • Returned the truck I borrowed from my dad.
  • Decided to make an appointment to see the eye doctor due to the fact that I really think my eyesight has changed.
and a few more things.......


PS I felt like I was blogging too much about chickens on this blog so I created a chicken blog. If you want to follow along that journey, go

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