Sunday, June 2, 2013

Our crazy daily lives

 This last few weeks have been a bit crazy. My husband went out to the coop this week and found this black snake curled around the eggs in the nesting box. It had already eaten two eggs and you could see the two crunchy lumps.
 Below you will see the brooder that my husband added to the coop. We added the chicks to the coop brooder today. The heat lamp is in there too. The juvenile chicks are in there too because the big girl (hens ) have been bullying them.
 The big girls got a new waterer for the run. I added apple cidar vinegar to their water in the run. (You shouldn't add vinegar to metal waterers as it causes them to rust)
 My baby girl celebrated her birthday with 4 friends at a small fun park in Raleigh-Durham area. She road this with her friends!
 One of our barred rock juvenile chicks got out of the coop and a hawk got it. (yes, one week after my three leghorns were killed) Then the neighbors dog got my new rooster and this is what was left in our yard. (very sad)
One of my daughters will be traveling on an airplane for the first time this week as she flies to Arizona with her grandma. 

School is out for summer.
I will be working and only having a short few days off this summer. I'm not sure we will get a vacation but as long as I'm with my family, I'm good.

My chickens enjoyed their first watermelon treat of the summer. They love watermelon and it helps cool them down and hydrate them during hot southern summers.

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