Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Cross

 What does it mean to you when you see it?  Lately this has been something that really bothers me.
I do own a few cross necklaces and to me its more than jewelry. The cross is a reminder to me of what Jesus did for you and me so that we might live eternally.  Too often it has become a fashion statement. Recently I went into a store with my girls and at first I was delighted to the the cross in various clothing and jewelry items. (because it has a deep meaning for me) but after a few minutes I realized that to many (and I dare say, most) it is nothing but fashion.
Now there is the side ways cross that I'm seeing all over. What is that about? Its heartbreaking to see that so many disregard Christ and what he did for us.  We are living in a time where sin is outwardly accepted as the norm and believing every word in the Bible is looked at as abnormal.

It is so sad to see our country falling right into the arms of Satan. Christ never gives up on us. He gives us unending open arms but he allows us free will to make our own decisions.

Is the cross just a piece of jewelry to you?

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