Saturday, June 29, 2013


Life is never boring. Just when things are going along well, you hit a bump in the road.

Sadly we have been noticing that the little bird eggs that were nested in our garbage have been disappearing one at a time. I then noticed a piece of a snake skin on the edge of the nest. A small baby snake no doubt because the eggs are small themselves and we have found no way to save the babies. 

Nearly a year ago I was excited to take a new job with decent pay and great insurance. It was my plan to be there forever. However, it now appears that isn't in the plan. As you know Ive had a bit of trouble with my shoulder and have a difficult time lifting things. When my boss decided to move me to a position that would require lifting of at least 30 lbs or more, I had a discussion with her reminding her of my situation. It seems that it doesn't matter that I feel I cannot do the job and that I'm happy where I am.  I immediately put out resumes and applications and already have calls. I really didn't want to leave this job so I'm sad and frustrated.

Our hot and humid southern weather is causing me a lot of issues physically. I am using my inhaler every day now and suffer from terrible headaches for days on end. 

We are not going to get a vacation this year and that makes me sad. I had hoped to visit my Marine son and his wife as they live at the beach and it would be an opportunity to see them and the ocean. That isn't working out either. He has been training alot in the field. Not only are they moving but his truck broke down and "life" happened to them as well. He will deploy in a few weeks and that makes me very sad as well. I worry that Ill have a harder time with this deployment than I did the last. (because I know more about whats happens there)

I'm frustrated with life.......

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