Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Foster Chick named "Spot"

 How cute is this little chick?!
 A friend of mine's son hatched eggs in his classroom. He wanted one and did everything to prove to his mom he would be responsible enough.
 So I told him that I would keep his chick with my flock if he would agree to come over and help clean the coop and care for the chickens. (The chick on the right is our smallest chick that's two weeks old. The one on the left is 3 days old and so funny! Its little butt is bare with no fluff/feathers)
 Today was the day for a deep clean. I shoveled all the straw out, sprayed it down, scraped poop and used white vinegar to clean/scrub with.
 My little friend didn't want to use my "girlie" gloves.
I used Diatomaceous Earth to dust around the coop to keep the insects down.
 My little friend helped spray out the coop, he also cleaned out the brooder and put fresh straw in.
 Hes so proud of his funny little chick .
 Later this afternoon he came over to share some strawberry caps with the flock :)

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