Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Review of the past and looking forward to the future

I cannot believe that we are five months into the year 2015. Its been busy thus far but not as busy as 2014.

Last year we started the year by rescuing Lucky-Bear. We bottle fed him every two hours just like a newborn baby! We found and met my husband's son.My children met their oldest brother for the first time. It was an emotional weekend but an amazing time! We cannot wait to see him again in a few months! My oldest child (and only son) returned from Afghanistan safe and sound Memorial weekend (2014) 

My middle daughter, had quite the year as well! She graduated high school and a few short weeks later, after an emergency trip to the ER, she had heart surgery (Ablation) it was scary but it healed her and she is no longer a cardiac patient! She has taken a year off while working part time at a grocery store but will soon begin Cosmetology school! 

Last year about this time we made a drive to Charlotte North Carolina so that my husband and oldest daughter could ride in a real Nascar around the track side by side! Man, those were fun memories! 

I enjoyed a girls weekend with a good friend in the Outer Banks and marked off a few things off my bucket list....  by visiting several lighthouses!  

For so many years Ive battled my weight issues. In 2014 I tried green smoothies. They are actually good and a great way to get greens in but that didn't help me lose weight which is why Ive started this journey in 2015 with the Gastric Sleeve.  While I did make it through a 5K run (walk) in 2014, my goal is to run the entire 5K in 2016! 

If you haven't been  following me for long, you can click on the links above to see my posts from 2014. its was quite the year last year and I think my current journey will compete with last year... but this year its more about "me" about getting healthy, feeling better about myself and losing weight.

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