Sunday, February 2, 2014

Moday starts our Journey

This week my Future Doctor and I will begin our Green Smoothie journey. 
Ive done this before and felt so much better, but for whatever reason I went back to bad habits. 
Future Doctor has not been feeling well for awhile. She MIGHT have some gluten sensitivities. She wants to get healthier and stay away from most gluten and I want to get healthy and lose some weight. Upon taking note of what we eat on a daily basis I realized that we don't eat a lot of vegetables. I love vegetables but it all boils down to whats easier during a busy life. 
Our family eats mostly meat (venison that was killed this winter) and starch. (NOT GOOD) 
Green Smoothies are a way of consuming a lot of vegetables and fruits at one time. 
By drinking them, you can consume a lot more than you can if you eat them. 
I clipped the above photo/directions from online (sorry I don't now who to give credit to) 
but its a great way to share how to create a green smoothie. 
Basically I cue 1 cup of almond milk (unsweetened) 2 cups of greens and at least one but sometimes two fruits. Blend well in the blender and drink! The fruit takes away the flavor of the greens. We will consume a green smoothie in place of breakfast and lunch. Enjoy two protein snacks in between and have a sensible dinner. 
When doing this be prepared for the detoxing. 
The first week you can feel kind of yucky but eventually that goes away and you feel energized! 

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