Saturday, February 15, 2014

Do you want to build a snowman?

 last year I bought a snowman kit, complete with eyes, carrot nose, hat, scarf buttons and a pipe!
 We never got to use it. I guess pipes arent very popular these days but the Frosty that I remember, had a pipe! My late Uncle Melvin used to smoke a pipe so I didnt mind the pipe so much. (My kids thought it was cool)
 Finally this year, we got enough snow to make a snowman! He would have been larger but the snow was covered in ice and hard to make a snowman out of. In fact, it started sleeting again while we were making Olaf.

 I didnt realize my setting were off on the camera so Im sure they would have been a little better than this but you can still see that hes pretty cute.
 It was the day before Valentines Day when we got our second blast of snow. It started on the 12th in the afternoon and then we got more on the 13th. (bye bye spring break!)
 It was nice to make snow cream, and other goodies during our two day snow storm. 
As I type this its February 15th and alot of snow has melted alreay. Its very windy and within 7 days we should be in the 70s!

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