Wednesday, May 20, 2015

two of six

Monday I went to my second pre-op visit for a weight check. It was a short appointment where he asked about my eating habits. I was excited to tell him Ive stopped drinking soft drinks!!! Its been four weeks since I had a soft drink! I drink only water and maybe one cup of coffee a day. I eat the six meals a day ..... example:  yogurt or boiled egg (breakfast) protein shake (around 10m) lunch around 1 which is a salad with egg or turkey in it or a turkey sandwich on wheat bread. around 3 protein shake or bar and then dinner (from the cook book) and many times a light snack like apples and cottage cheese. He said as long as i continue these things Ill do great and lose a lot!

In 1.5 weeks I will see the Nutritionist and then a Psychiatrist and a sleep study.

Only four more visits of weight checks!

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