Monday, June 2, 2014

Busy as a Bee! (AKA Im a Dirty Girl x2)

 This is our team this year....  
"Save the Boo-Bees" in the Dirty Girl Mud Run.  My girls, my sister and her friend.
 I loved this years location, it was more organized, and
 much more muddy!
 Lots of people joined in the muddy fun to raise money
 for breast cancer.
 I did ALL the obstacles! I got very dirty! 
I laughed a lot, and was so very tired when it was over.
 Considering the fact that I just recovered from tendonitis in my knee, and am still on antibiotics from the worst sinus infection Ive ever had, I think I did pretty good!
And here's our after photo!

Our life has been filled with much family time and keeping us so busy but I wouldn't trade for anything. Our next two weekends are full as well!

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