Thursday, June 26, 2014

She's Crafty!

 Recently the girls and I went to The Scrap Exchange to look around. It was 50% off the craft isle and I wanted to check out their rubber stamps. My future "teacher" saw the film slides and remembered a project we saw awhile back. She bought about 50 slides and last night she completed her project.
 She purchased a cheap lamp that she liked and cut off the fabric from the shade (leaving only the wire structure) Next, she punched small holes on all four sides of the slides (measure if you try this!) She connected the slides with metal rings and attached them to the wire shade frame.
 Her final project looks like this! How cool it is when the light is on and the room is dark.
 If you try this project be sure to check out the pictures in the slides before you purchase them or use them!
Dont forget my other blog (for kids) as there is an update on our Lucky Bear the Rescue Dog!

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