Monday, June 16, 2014

Our Busy Life

 In recent weeks we have been spending time at the softball field watching our baby girl play
and get hit by the ball (many many times)
 We surprised "The Husband" with a visit from his son (they had never met face to face) 
until now. It was emotional and amazing!
 We took him to The Pit, a NC BBQ restaurant in downtown Durham.
 Our six month old puppy is growing! Hes 50 lbs at 6 months.
 Its pretty amazing how much my step son looks like his Pops!
 I was sure that we were headed to the ER on Fathers Day weekend when my son and husband decided to put the skate board on the treadmill but amazingly they didnt fall~

Summer has begun! I am off work and spending time with my nephew and my girls. I will be my the pool, visiting with my friend who is coming to visit soon and doing things Ive been wanting to do but didnt have the time.

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