Wednesday, January 6, 2016

What I Wore

 Just for fun I decided to take part in the blog hop, "What I Wore" For years Ive glanced over the photos but being raised by a man, Ive never been very fashion conscious. Not to mention I always felt too fat to even try to be fashionable! Since losing nearly 40 lbs (and thats just the beginning) I feel more like paying closer attention to what I wear or what I buy.

Above: I am wearing LEGGINGS for the first time ever! I love these They are my favorite!  The boots, leggings, and shirt all came from Catos! The red scarf was a gift from a student.

Below Ive also included some of the other photos that were taken (where my youngest daughter was being a bit silly for the camera)

Check out other blogs and see what others are wearing at The Pleated Poppy. Ill be sure to do this again, and take more photos of how the way I dress (and fashion) is changing as my body changes while I lose the weight Ive always dreamed of losing.

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