Sunday, January 10, 2016

Ups and Downs

I'm finding there are many ups and downs on this journey I'm on (and I don't mean on the scale) This past week I went back to work after a two week Christmas break. I felt great during the Christmas break but this past week Ive been exhausted. The exhaustion increased through out the week and by Friday I felt like i could barely get through the day. I wasnt sure if it was stress, getting used to being back at work, or lack of nutrition (as my bariatric vitamins had not arrived yet and I was only taking vitamin B complex and two Flintstones a day) or if it was a combination of all of it. I couldn't wait to sleep in Saturday! When I woke up Saturday morning I had a large cold sore breakout on both top and bottom lips (worse than Ive had in years) I get them when I'm stressed, sick or in a lot of sun.   I still don't know what the cause of the exhaustion is, I'm inclined to believe its the lack of nutrition. Thankfully, my Bariatric Advantage protein shake and my vitamins arrived Friday so I'm taking in all of those which will help considerably with my nutrition. 

Its Sunday, and I'm still exhausted and do not want to go out of the house with the way my mouth looks! I'm also wondering if I need to stay home from work to get extra rest or if I should push through. 

I'm feeling a bit down. My weight has stalled for the past 4 weeks, now I'm sick and I'm super stressed about how Ill get through the summer months (since my full time job is only 10 months out of the year) I have a lot of things going through my head this weekend.

As I sit on my couch this morning I was reminded that God is in control. I must have faith and pray for guidance and have faith that he will meet our needs.

Where is the snow? I need a snow day!  I need an unexpected day off. On snow days we lay around in our PJs and I make homemade hot cocoa and usually bake. (oops! that reminds me, that our oven stopped working this weekend so there will be no baking for a good little while. At least the stove top works)

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