Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Typical Day

If you read the book, "Eating for life" by Bill Phillips, you will understand that you should eat 5-6 times a day. (smaller amounts) 
The book gives amazing recipes that I starting using before VSG and everyone in my house loved the recipes! Here is an example of a typical day in meals for me. 

 6:00am     hot tea or coffee with Splenda (no sugar) 

7:00 am     Protein Shake (preferably Bariatric Advantage brand as it has so much more vitamins and minerals that our bodies need) 

10:00 am  Triple Zero yogurt or cottage cheese 

1:00pm      Fat Free Re fried Beans or Chili with light amounts of meat

4:00pm       Protein Shake

6 or 7pm     Ricotta Bake (I have to share that recipe soon) 

Somewhere in between all of this I fit in my fluid intake. I usually drink Propel or Diet Peach Tea (Lipton) or Power Aid Zero

 Anything I consume is 1/4 cup or less. 

When I started on my Pre Op Diet the first three days were awful! I was constantly hungry. After three days my hunger went away and I had to make myself drink the shakes because I didn't want anything. I lost 15 lbs in two weeks on my pre op diet. Is it possible to lose weight without surgery? Absolutely! But I know me, and I knew that if I lost a lot Id feel I could cheat here and there and ultimately I'd gain it back. VSG was the right thing for me but, I still have to eat the right things! (forever)  

I will also say that here I am 8 weeks out doing all the same things and now involving some weight training and I went four weeks without losing anything and Ive now lost a total of 41lbs. I spoke with my Nutritionist and she looked at my diet and said Im doing it all right! It is typical to have weight stalls and during these stalls our bodies are often changing in other ways (such as losing inches and not pounds) Therefor I will now start measuring regular in other areas not just on the scale. (I did measure before surgery but Ive misplaced that list so I have nothing to compare with) 

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