Friday, January 24, 2014

Who Am I (aka All About Me)

I started blogging years ago. Some of my current readers were followers back then. I started blogging about my family. It was a way to update family and friends about our family and eventually it was more of a place to write my thoughts.  

I am not so important that many want to know about me. When I decided to close my former blog Fried Green Tomatoes and Sweet Tea I came to the conclusion that I will probably always blog regardless of whether anyone reads my blogs or not. 

I have always loved writing. As a teenager I wrote poetry and short stories. As my family grew, I grew more and more busy and left writing behind me. About ten  years ago I found my way back to writing. (poetry, blogs and most recently a children's book) 

I grew up being raised by a village. From the age of three I lived with and was raised by my daddy. My sister is a few years younger than me. I grew up helping take care of her. We grew up spending summers and afternoons with our grandparents. One the weekends we went to our aunt's house.

I grew up attending church on a regular basis and met my husband there when I was four years old!  (yes, I said 4!)  I grew up around him and eventually developed a small crush on him. He joined the Army when he was a teenager and when he returned home we had both grown up a bit. We became friends and hung out together at church and eventually he asked me out on a date. 

Fast forward 27 years.....

We have four children. Our only son is in the Marines. Our daughters are growing up quickly and all too soon we will be in this  double wide mobile home with only one child left at home. That makes me sad but at the same time it will give us a few years to spend all our time on her. 

I am not a pretender. I am  a woman who loves her children more than life. I love my husband and my job. I am a believer in Christ but have struggled in recent years over what church to attend. I love chickens! Yes, I said Chickens.  I am overweight and feel that I have always been overweight, until I look over my photos from the past. I don't know what made me feel overweight but I wasn't overweight until I started having babies. 

Here I am with nearly grown children and all too often I feel unhappy about my health and my weight. I am self conscious and simply not happy. About a year ago I read about and tried green smoothies. My family wasn't interested but now... they are. 

We watched Fat Sick and Nearly Dead and that is an eye opener! My husband has lost nearly 20 pounds in three weeks replacing meals with green smoothies. (though we differ on what we like in them and the consistency of them) They are simply up to you.

Here I am....... I am beginning a journey next week (after pay day) to get healthy and lose weight.  My husband is on this journey and one of my daughters will also join us in this journey. (and Ill be blogging about it) 

I am getting organized in my house, in my life and on this blog. I intend to blog more often and only on certain topics. (What would you like to read about?) 
Starting next week, Ill be blogging about our health journey, sharing recipes, talking about pets & family, ideas on date nights/family nights and sharing a little about my faith and upcoming children's book!

I welcome comments and contributions so please...... let me know you are still here and interested.

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