Saturday, January 25, 2014

Not healthy but yummy

 In these parts, local churches sell Brunswick Stew and sell it for around $6 a quart. Its always a yummy winter treat. They cook them in huge cast iron pots outside. 
Recently, my cousin posted on Facebook about buying collard sandwiches. 
I had never heard of them! She also lives in N.C. but in her area the churches sell collard sandwiches as a fund raiser. She told me about them, so I decided to make some at home,
You fry cornbread in thin pieces (like a pancake) and then add the collards and either top it or serve fat back on the side. Now, I'm not a fatback fan most of the time but I decided to try it.
Next time, Ill leave off the fat back unless I'm serving those who really like it. 
 Over all, it was oh so good on a Saturday afternoon when I'm not feeling quite up to par. 

Over the next week I will be getting my mind ready to begin my green smoothie/healthy (clean) eating journey. In the mean time, if I want a collard sandwich or some Brunswick stew, I'm gonna eat it! 

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