Sunday, January 19, 2014

Not for the squeemish- egg bound hens and house training puppies

Our little Lucky Bear isnt so little anymore. Hes growing so fast and is developing spots.
This weekend Ive been trying to work on house training..... which is difficult when you have a 13 year old who keeps letting him out of the crate. 

We also had a sick chicken.
 I found her in the coop floor hunched over and not moving. I knew immediately she was egg bound. Ive dreaded the day that this would happen. Poor thing was dirty and had dried poop all over her.
 We brought her in and soaked her in warm water and epsom salt. I tried to clean the poop off of her and eventually she started standing and straining.
 Her bottom area was swollen, red and caked with poop. In the end, we had to put her down as we couldn't help her and she was dying.
We are now down to ten hens and 1 rooster.
Tomorrow the Americana Rooster will leave to go to a new home and our Foster Rooster will remain with the flock forever!
Raising chickens is not as easy as I once thought. I still enjoy it, and wouldn't change a thing.

The leghorns are the ones I rescued and due to their bad health when I got them, they have one by one died or had to be put down. Out of 6 that I started with, I only have two left.

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