Tuesday, January 7, 2014

When you die

When we pass on, the most important thing is that we had given our heart/life over to the Lord before our passing. Not just saying a prayer but living the life God intended for us. Its a daily walk and battle. 

Have you ever thought about your obituary? Or what they will say about you when you are gone from this Earth? 

One thing that sticks in my mind about the movie "A Christmas Carol" is the scene where friends and family were talking about Scrooge when he passed away. In the story, he was able to watch and listen to what others thought of him and what kind of legacy he left on this Earth. It was heartbreaking to empathize with him when he finally saw what others saw in him. 

While what others say is not the ONLY thing we should think about, it is something to consider. Consider what you say/do to those around you. Is it a Godly impression?

Along those same lines, take the time to read THIS OBITUARY. 

I didn't know this lady but I wish I had. I can only hope that memories like these stand out to others when I'm gone.

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