Monday, May 20, 2013


The morning of the prom, I walked down the the coop with a bunch of strawberry caps to share with the hens. I spotted one of the leghorns outside of the run. As I said out loud,  How did you get out here? She turned and I saw that something had gotten hold of her. I noticed feathers everywhere and I ran to the coop and looked the flock over, My other two leghorns were missing. Eventually we found their bodies. Something got into the run and attacked my leghorns (our best egg layers, our most calm hens) I took the injured one inside and placed her in the tub so I could examine her and wash her (as I cried) It was then that I realized that we couldn't nurse her back to health. My husband had to put her down. While we took care of prom stuff that morning my husband went to Southern States and bought traps to put outside of the chicken run. I only have  five egg laying hens right now and those don't lay every day. The ones that are left lay brown, blue and green eggs. We not longer have white egg layers. I wont be able to sell the eggs for while because we simply don't have enough eggs.

RIP my 3 sweet Leghorns :(

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