Thursday, May 23, 2013

My baby is a teenager

 I cannot believe my baby is growing up ! Shes a teenager now. We recently celebrated with family at a local restaurant in our town. After dinner, we had cake that a friend of mine made and then my Baby Girl opened her gifts.
 She was shocked at the amount of cash she got but was excited at the same time to finally have enough money to buy a new IPod (since hers bit the dust awhile back) This time we have a warranty that covers everything! YAY!!
 She says she feels reconnected to the world.
 Since giving up my Droid, I know how she feels but at the same time, Im feeling less stressed.
I love this girl, but shes growing up so fast!

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!!

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  1. Happy Birthday! My 3rd born is a teen now this month!