Thursday, May 16, 2013

Peace and Contentment

 I don't have a cellphone right now. I sold it because we needed the money. Im sure Ill get another one later but for now, Im disconnected. Right now I miss my phone (from time to time) but in other ways Im less stressed, Im relaxed, and content.
 Sometimes I think about how life would be if I didn't own anything and life were more simple. I think about how life would be if I weren't so stressed about conforming to what everyone expects. I think about owning a beautiful home with the perfect amount of decorations and my home looking like those in magazines. Most of the time, I just want to be comfortable. Most of the time, I just want my children happy and comfortable and not embarrassed about where they live.
Once in awhile I think about how life would be if I were able to walk away from all my belongings and just live without cell phones and computers. How would life be if I could just enjoy the beauty all around me. Listening to running rivers and the waves in the ocean, watching as flowers and grass wave in the wind and enjoying every moment.

Staring at a stack of bills working lots of hours, being exhausted, stressing over who might stop by and what they will think when they see that we have no "Real" floor in our living room but just pressed wood particles, that we have unfinished walls and parts of our floor that needs replacing.

I crave peace and tranquility.

Peace. Peace like a river in my soul.......

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