Saturday, May 25, 2013

Our flock is growing

 Remember when I told you that WE BOUGHT PLYMOUTH ROCK and took them to the grocery store with us? The chickens above are those black chicks we got. One of the chicks died but these three are healthy and thriving! (They are the Plymouth Rock aka Barred Rock)
 When local dogs killed my Leghorns last weekend I was very sad. When I saw that someone in our town was selling Ameracana Chicks that she hatched I couldn't wait to buy 4 of them!
 They are all 4 under a heat lamp in my bathroom. I made a waterer with a Mason jar and holes punched in the lid. I have it upside down on a saucer.
Now I have 5 laying hens (2 are Rhode Island Reds, 2 Ameracanas, 1 Wyndott) and 3 juveniles chickcs (Barred Rock) and 4 Ameracana baby chicks.  and one rooster!

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