Saturday, May 11, 2013

Proud Mommy noticing the little things

 This week I attended a ceremony that I have attended twice before. All of my girls are now inducted into the Beta Club for their outstanding GPA . This week my youngest was inducted into the Junior Beta Club and I'm so proud of her!
 My 11th grader was there serving punch as she is a current member of the Senior Beta Club with a 4.0 GPA
 Its the little thing in life that make us Mommy's proud of our babies. Even if they aren't babies anymore.
 Life has been tough lately with my husband and I working long hours. Attempting to pay the bills and struggling at that. I no longer have a cell phone or pretty fingernail those were "wanted" things not "needed" things. We wont be going out to dinner for Mothers Day and all of this is a little depressing.
I try to stop and notice the little things like this Dandelion growing in my yard. They may be considered a weed but I love them. They are the flowers that my children always picked for me and those innocent acts of love are priceless. I also love watching children blow them when they turn to wishing flowers :) 

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