Saturday, October 19, 2013

Im a Dirty Girl

 I have always wanted to be able to run (for a sport) yeah, I know..... that's a shocker.
I'm not big on exercises. I want to be, but its hard for me. 
My husband did the Tough Mudder mud run with my son and few other guys.
After that, I saw this. A mud run for girls and it raises money for Breast Cancer!!
So, I decided I was going to do it. It was a stretch for me to do anything like this. Its not a race, but a run. Its about finishing, not finishing first. It includes about 12 obstacles and that was going to be challenge for me as well. My girls wanted to do this with me and I was never so happy to have them around me. We did this last March in honor of a friend who is a survivor.
 It was very cold that day. (look at our lovely team below) 
At one point it started to sleet! Due to the weather, they didn't add water to a lot of the obstacles.
We still got wet and muddy but not as much as we will this year!
 Honestly, I walked most of the run. I stayed back with a fellow team mate who I was so very proud of for doing this!!! My daughter, (below) stayed with me when she could have gone on! 
I was concerned also over the uneven ground as I have a tendency to twist my ankle and fall.
 I finished this dirty mud run. I was wet and freezing but I did all of the obstacles (only one was difficult for me and that was due to my being afraid of heights!)
 My wonderful husband was my cheerleader. He wore his tough mudder shirt and afterwards he took me to McDonalds where I drank two HOT mochas!
This year even my baby girl can do the run with me! 
We all signed up and will start training. It gives me more of a reason to work on losing weight and gaining endurance. In May 2014 we will race in memory of my Granny, Irene Hill.

Please check it out and see if the Dirty Girl Mud Run is near you! 
It gives you a sense of accomplishment, its so much fun (we laughed the whole time) and it raised money and awareness. Many wear costumes, and my team is discussing if we want to do that this year. No matter what, Ill be getting down and dirty, completing the obstacles and hopefully running more of the run this time. Please join me!

 If I can do this, YOU CAN! (above you can see me climbing at the top left)
Below, is part of our team at the top of this "blow up" obstacle. They look a little "sissified" but they are a little bit harder than they look!

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