Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Thoughts on deployment

Let me begin by saying I hope this post doesn't offend anyone.
Deployment brings many emotions to all involved. It affects each person differently.
Its never easy no matter how many times you endure it. 

For some reason, this time its harder on me. It seems harder on my family. Its more emotional.
Its very hard to explain to anyone. I've cried a river of tears for weeks now. 
We feel sad, heartbroken, angry and sometimes it seems we laugh and cry at the same time and for no reason at all.

I understand that many want to help when they say things like, "My cousin is over seas so I know how you feel" I want to scream! It makes me angry!  Why? 
 It makes me angry because he is my son. I carried him for 9 months, I stayed up nights to feed him, I cared for him during sickness and accidents. He isn't a cousin he is my child, my only son.

That may sound selfish to some  and his deployments are not all about me. 
If I were to make an educated guess, I would dare say that deployment is hardest on the soldier/Marine. They must leave behind family, friends, and live without all the daily comforts of home like TV, caffeinated drinks and your own bed.  Next, I think its hardest on the wife/girlfriends, children and the parents and siblings.

Deployment affects everyone in different ways.
I know it affects grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins but I think it affects them in different ways. Unless you have said goodbye to your spouse or child as he travel to a foreign country with a gun on his back you cannot understand.I also think it depends on their job. Just because your child had deployed to Afghanistan doesn't mean he is in the "Danger zone" I guess there are always dangers when being stationed in a place like that but to know that your child is a Marine Infantryman seem way worse than another other. They are the first in when there is trouble.

We are all saddened and scared and will hold our breath for 8 months. I know it affects us all, but sometimes I think people forget about the military moms out there. 

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