Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Mamas and Marines

When you see stories about our military we usually think of how their wives and children are dealing with deployment. The mothers of these same Marines/soldiers suffer in their own way.
We raised these Marines. We cared for them while they were sick, when they had injuries and when they splashed in the bath. We have loved them unconditionally and now we cannot protect them as they enter into dangerous territory.

No matter their job, its difficult for us to handle. Even if their job keeps them far away from enemy lines. Mothers of Marine infantry men know what their sons face and we only wish that our sons were far behind the danger zone. Sometimes I think about my sons job and I want to tell other Marine moms that they are lucky their son isnt an infantry man. The truth is we are all mothers and love our boys - we all worry and it hurts us all (no matter their job) when they are deployed and when we cannot hear from them.

Deployment is difficult for all involved.

Please continue to pray for our family during this difficult deployment.

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