Sunday, November 3, 2013

A Post on Being Busy

 Ive been busy!  Ive been busy writing a children's book, going on field trips with my classes to the local Dairy Farm & Duke Homestead. Ive been busy running errands, attending school functions and going to church. Ive been busy organizing Christmas shipping to military.
 I guess Ive been a little to busy to blog. 
I am so glad that we went to the Dairy Farm! It was amazing to see how this family run farm produces hormone and antibiotic free milk, butter, ice cream and a seasonal egg nog!
 The products are not sold everywhere so I will have to make extra stops or drive a little to purchase the milk but I hope to use their milk sold in beautiful glass bottles at least 90% of the time.
Not only will we support a local farmer, help the environment by not throwing away tons of plastic jugs, but we will be consuming fresh hormone and antibiotic free milk that tastes better and is better for us.
With all of these things Ive been busy with, Ive also been working with groups of children with their reading, math, and have also been struggling to adjust to new germs in this new environment. I have been sick too many times and once again I'm in bed sick with pink eye in both eyes and a terrible cough. Ive been taking vitamin C but for now I guess its time to stop being so busy so I can rest, eat chicken soup and take my medicine so my body can rest and catch up to fighting these germs.

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