Friday, August 23, 2013

Changing Chick

 Remember this little guy?

 He brought his chick to me that he watched hatch in school. 
He has been busy this summer and out of town alot and hasnt come to visit in awhile.
but his chick is thriving!!!! Look how it has grown! 
 His baby grew quite a bit and is now covered in spots. Its a Barred Rock chick!
You can see the comb beginning to form and change color. 
On weekends the hens get to free range in the yard but the babies are still kept in the coop and run all the time. It give them a break from the big girls anyway since they like to bully the babies.

I cant wait til all 13 are laying at the same time! 
Our egg supply is low lately, especially with the weather changing and getting cooler.

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