Sunday, August 4, 2013

24 Years later

 When we got married Pepsi was sold in tall glass bottles. It tasted better then. It was cold with the slightest bit of slushy ice on top. We were known to always have a Pepsi in hand while we were dating. Naturally, after we got married on the hottest day of the year we drove to a store and bought our Pepsi and then went back to the church to hang out with friends and family.
 I had been around him most of my life! We went to the same church and our families knew each other. We dated three years before getting married in the church we grew up in. Little did we know that our life ahead would not be an easy one.
 We have faced financial hardships, we have endured sickness and surgeries as well as the birth of four beautiful babies. We have laughed and cried and even yelled at each other.
 Life is never easy.  We have talked of going our separate ways at times, we have hurt each other but in the end we have always realized that we would never want to face all these things with anyone else.
Happy 24th anniversary to my Husband who works hard for our family and always makes me laugh.

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