Thursday, August 8, 2013

In God's Hands

 Naomi (top left) was one of my favorite cousins. She always had a smile and a memorable laugh. She love the Lord. She loved her family. 18 months ago Naomi was murdered during a robbery at a family member's tire shop. It was a senseless act. Naomi left behind a daughter that she loves so much and a husband who loved her more than anything. 

Her husband, Harold, has been in poor health for awhile. He had a liver disease that required a transplant. JoAnna took good care of her daddy after her mothers passing. She took on responsibilities that no young woman should have to. JoAnna did all of the cooking, cleaning and paying bills while suffering herself. She had some health issues which included a liver disease like her father. In recent months she has been in and out of the hospital with several issues but with her weak liver, it has all worked against her body.
She needs a liver transplant but has been too sick to live through surgery and recovery.
JoAnna took this photo of herself in the hospital a month ago.
She is a beautiful 27 year old who loves the Lord and her family. 

Currently she is on life support. Her organs are shutting down now and her father (Lord, bless him) has made the decision to stop all medications and leave her life in God's hands.

Harold has suffered so much over the past few years. 
My heart aches for him. I cannot imagine saying goodbye to my spouse and less than 2 years later telling my only child goodbye.

Please pray for peace and comfort for my family during this sad time. 
I find peace in knowing that she is a Christian and will join her mother in heaven very soon.

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